Setting Joint Compound

Finish Line Setting Joint Compound Product Data:

  • Color: Off White
  • Compliance with Standards: Meets ASTM Standard C475
  • Coverage: Average 18 lbs/350 ft (8.16 kg/35m)
  • Freezing Sensitivity: None once set and dried.
  • Storage: Keep dry and avoid extreme temperature variations. Store on shelves or pallets and not directly on concrete floors or against masonry walls. Close open bags as air tight as possible.
  • Packaging: 18 lb (8.16 kg) bags
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Product Description:
  • Finish Line Setting Compound is a "Lightweight" setting type compound which is chemically activated. Unlike ready mixed compounds which dry and become hard over time Finish Line Setting Compound's hardening action is time controlled. Finish Line Setting Compound can be used for pre-filling, taping, bedding and finish coating. Finish Line Setting Compound provides superior bond strength with low shrinkage. It's excellent for heavy fills, laminating gypsum panels and is resistant to cracking. Finish Line Setting Compound is virtually unaffected by high humidity.
  • Easy Sanding
  • Less weight provides for easier handling
  • Hassle free clean up
  • Controlled set time
  • Shrinkage virtually eliminated
  • Complete patches in one trip
Mixing Instruction:
  • Mix only the amount of compound which can be applied in the designated set time. In a plastic container, add contents of bag to approximately 1 gallon of clean drinkable water. Mix using a mechanical mixer or by hand. Initially mix about 30 seconds so that the compound and water are blended. Mix to desired consistency, usually an additional 30 seconds. At this time you can add small amounts of powder or water as necessary to obtain the desired consistency. Avoid over mixing as this will reduce workability and accelerate setting action.
  • Air, water, mix and surface temperature must be maintained at 45 F during application. Apply sufficient coats to level surface; smooth before setting begins. Wait until preceding coat is hard though not necessarily dry before applying each new coat. Avoid dust by wet sanding joints rather than dry sanding.
  • Hardening action cannot be prevented or delayed by dilution with water
  • Do not mix with any other material. Use only clean drinkable water
  • Dirty tools and/or dirty water will shorten set time
  • Lower temperatures will lengthen set times & higher temperatures will shorten set times
  • Excessive mixing will shorten set time
When mixing and/or dry sanding this product wear eye protection and a NIOSH/MSHA approved repirator. Dust created when dry sanding or mixing may cause eye, nose, throat or upped respiratory irritation. Wet sanding or sponging is recommended where practicable.

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